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Special Notice

Are you compliant with the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirement? The FDA has specified that most medical “devices” must carry a specific and unique identifier by 2020. (And the definition of device is very broad.)

We can help you determine if your products are exempt or not and work with you to update or upgrade your systems to comply with the new regulation. Contact us today to start this mission-critical process with a system review and complementary consultation.

Featured Projects


Water Control System Network Upgrade

We installed a system using hardened industrial cellular network routers that provide a back-end connection in case a mishap should occur. This system features automatic connection monitoring and automatic hot swapover within milliseconds of a lost connection.


Bottle Filler Inspection Camera

This camera analyzes the position of bottles, automatically stopping the Filler if a misalignment occurs. The operator then only has to reposition the bottle, saving product damage and significant time over cleaning up a machine crash.


Cake Swirling Robot

This robotic pastry chef decorates cakes, giving them a natural, hand-swirled appearance with the speed and efficiency of a robot, creating beautiful designs with an economical, high-quality method.

We have many more projects and will be posting them here as we get time, so check in with us regularly!

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